All Rise: The Ridiculous Game of Courtroom Debate

Created by RoughDraftGames

Assume the role of an attorney, judge, witness or jury member in this game of off-the-cuff storytelling!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

First Stretch Goal Cleared!
8 months ago – Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 06:02:06 AM

You guys have had our back, now we have yours... your card backs that is...

We've been counting down the pledges to reach this first stretch goal: updated card backs! And we're so excited to share them with you! We think adding these new designs will help make playing All Rise at home much more dynamic and visually appealing than the first set.

The old card backs used pretty simple iconography and colors to designate card types, so we went ahead and asked our artists to whip up a tentative design of what the Evidence Card back might look like:

We loved the concept of an 'Evidence Locker Room', a more thematic way to convey the plethora of evidence that will be at your disposal in the world of All Rise. We have similar designs for the Witness and Case Card Decks. (My personal favorite being the case cards. It's one of those old newspaper dispensers you used to see on sidewalks that cost 50 cents. Ah the nostalgia...)

We're so happy to see that we're still finding new support after funding, and we want to thank the folks that have been sharing the campaign with their friends. We couldn't make this happen without the good people who have been shining a spotlight on our little project here. Anyways, there's plenty of stretch goals left to keep making the game even better as we continue to push forward. #GavelsForEveryone

See you at $12,000!

-- RDG.