All Rise: The Ridiculous Game of Courtroom Debate

Created by RoughDraftGames

Assume the role of an attorney, judge, witness or jury member in this game of off-the-cuff storytelling!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

5 days later and another stretch goal down!
8 months ago – Thu, Jul 09, 2020 at 03:23:53 PM

It seems like we just recently sent out one of these updates, but frankly, we couldn't be happier to be writing another one! Last night we broke through the $14,000 stretch goal, and thanks to your support the juror scorecards are going to be fully colorized and included with every edition of All Rise from here on! The future players of All Rise who will miss the Kickstarter price thank you for your service!

But at RDG, we are already looking towards bigger and better things! Our next stretch goal is aimed exclusively at making the game as big and as replayable as possible! Once we hit 15.5K we're going to increase the amount of each card type in the game. That means more case cards, more surprise witnesses, and more evidence cards at your disposal!

Check out some of the latest evidence cards we have coming down the pipe that will (hopefully) be included with the base game:

Exhibit 29: “A 6ft x 8ft Oil Painting”… Ah black gold… Texas Tea… They say that oil is the most superior of all painting mediums… We’re looking at you, watercolors. You’re probably wondering what it’s doing in a courtroom... Maybe your client is exploring his psychological issues through artwork, a perfect combination when used with the surprise witness card: The Doctor… Or maybe there’s a secret passage behind it? Or maybe a safe? I don’t know, get creative with it.

Exhibit 43: “Thousands of Bloody Thumbtacks” This one’s sure to leave a mark. Why (and how) on earth did you recover thousands of bloody thumbtacks from the scene of the crime!? All tetanus shots aside, perhaps it’s proof that the client you’re defending was at a backyard wrestling match earlier that day, THE PERFECT ALIBI! Or maybe you’re going to finally charge that pesky kid for putting tacks in the teachers’ chairs… That’s a lot of teachers…

If you guys like the art as much as we like writing descriptions for it, you can help us get to the next goal faster by snagging up the remaining “Courtroom Collector” pledge levels. You’ll get an original piece of art from the game, and help support us in the meantime!

If you’ve already supported, or want to help in other ways, be sure to share our page with your friends and family!

Thanks to everyone that’s been with us on this journey! Here’s to 15.5K! Talk to you all soon!

RDG - (Tom, Jeff, and Gare)

Fully Funded in just 6 days! Thank you all!
8 months ago – Wed, Jul 08, 2020 at 11:43:39 PM

When we set out to make All Rise a reality we knew that success was never guaranteed, but we did believe that if we somehow managed to find that success, it wouldn't be because of us alone. This morning we crossed the $10,000 threshold, and All Rise is going to become a reality!

We cannot thank our friends and family enough for supporting us through the last 2 years of designing, playtesting, prototyping, retweaking, and re-playtesting. We cannot thank the Kickstarter and the larger board game community enough for embracing what we've put together as a result.

It's been a wild ride, guys... and the best part of it is, we're not done yet!

We have some really awesome stretch goals lined up to help make every copy of All Rise that we send out even better than it already is:

- At $11,000 we're going to give each card type its own stylized back portrait rather than simple iconography. It will give that extra touch of class that everyone wants to see from a game dedicated to the judicial branch of the government.

- At $12,000 we're going to make a fully colored and illustrated print and play of all the game's assets available to our backers once our artists finish up the final drawings (approximately 2-3 months time.)

- At $13,000 we'll include custom made "Civic Duty Cards" for each player type: Attorney, Judge and Juror/Witness. These cards will serve as a sort of "cheat sheet" that has all your responsibilities listed for the player's convenience.

There's tons more to unlock, including additional cards and even a mini-gavel that we want to put in each copy of the game! So if you haven't gotten your copy yet, you can still support us by snagging one, here. If you have gotten the game and want to blast it out on social media, we would be more than grateful! It helps get us closer to #GavelsForEveryone and spreads the joy of what it means to #SueYourFriends.

Thank you all so much,

Tom, Jeff, and Gare (RDG)

13K!!! What a way to start the weekend!
8 months ago – Sat, Jul 04, 2020 at 07:34:08 PM

First and foremost, we wanted to wish our backers living in the United States a very happy 4th of July celebration! May fireworks, independence, and perfectly grilled burgers be blessed upon you! 

Secondly, we're proud to announce that you guys have helped us shatter the next stretch goal! We've just broken 13K, and that means we'll be putting Civic Duty cards in every version of the game! These cards are a way to quickly remind the different player roles of their general responsibilities during the game (It's easy to lose track in all the excitement).

The next stretch goal is one of our favorites, and that's because it's a major aesthetic update to a consistently used part of the game: The Juror scorecards... Here's what the first, and most primitive version of the scorecards were designed to look like:

They're perfectly functional and they got us through playtesting, but we want to have a more fleshed out and fully illustrated version that we want to include in the game instead:

This stylized version of the scorecards is what we prepared for our prototype that you saw in our video. It's larger, has more space for personal notes, and is themed in a way that fits right in with the rest of the notepad aesthetic we've been cultivating in the game's instructions and other content. It's also a little pricier to produce, but that's why we're so pumped to hit stretch goal #4!

We want to thank you guys for helping us trek towards the most realized version of the game possible, and we're super excited to keep hitting goals!

Have a very happy 4th of July! And here's to smashing 14k soon!

-- RDG

Second Stretch Goal Reached! And Some International Shipping News!
8 months ago – Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 10:01:08 AM

Last night we smashed through our 12,000 stretch goal to unlock a premium Print and Play version of the game! We're particularly excited about this, because it means we can update our current Print and Play with a newer, better version that contains all the eye catching art that our talented artists have been whipping up for you guys. We hope to release the updated Print and Play exclusively to our backers in the next 2-3 months time.

Speaking of art, we're always excited to share some of our ridiculous hand-drawn art that's included in the "Courtroom Collector" backer level (each backer in this tier will get 1 piece, randomly selected):

Ah, the infamous exhibit 28: SPF 300 sunscreen. A sun block so powerful that the wearer becomes less tan each second after application! Was the defendant crossing the Sahara Desert before committing the heist of the century? Could your defendant (prone to frying like bacon in the summer) possibly have ruined that slip-and-slide party without their sunscreen? Use the evidence cards in whichever way you choose, as long as it makes YOU laugh.

Aside from our art and stretch goal announcements, we also wanted to give an update on some important shipping information for our international backers: WE HAVE QUOTES IN! We will be finalizing that information, posting an updated graphic, and answering questions on it tomorrow, but I think you've all been patient enough to earn a little sneak peek at what's included in those estimates:

I'm sure the Super Backers among you all will quickly be able to solve the mystery :)

As always, we cannot thank you guys enough! We are excited to keep unlocking stretch goals and hope that the shipping estimates tomorrow will help bring us even closer to #GavelsForEveryone!


Annnnnd They're Gone! Thank you to everyone who backed us at the "Prosecution Calls Us To The Stand Level!"
8 months ago – Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 07:39:17 PM

Annnnnnnd they're gone! We are officially all out of witnesses! Thank you to everyone who backed us at the "Prosecution calls YOU to the stand" and "Supreme Court Package" levels! We're really excited to be able to put some of the people who made this project happen directly into the game itself. Our witness artist Jared Yamahata has already done a great job bringing some of our characters to life...

Here's a sneak peek at some of the roles that might be up for grabs:

  • The Crime Boss
  • The Vegan
  • The Carnie
  • The Juggalo
  • The Astronaut
  • The Hired Gun

And wherever else our depraved imaginations take us!

Additionally, we have some amazing art that's hot off the presses (fingers?) of our incredibly talented sketch artist:

Presenting exhibit 8... The mysterious and magic 8 ball. What's so mysterious about it? Well, how bout this? What IS that blue liquid inside? Nobody knows... In regards to how you can use it in court, perhaps its actually the perfect scapegoat: "I'm sorry your honor, my client is not responsible for the actions he's accused of. He was taking orders from a higher power... namely 2 to the power of 3..."

The only thing we enjoy more than seeing art like this get finished is knowing that it's going to end up in your hands. Everyone in the Courtroom Collector tier is getting one of the original 6x8 pastel drawings that were commissioned for the game. There's a limited number of slots left, so snag the art before it's all gone!

Thanks for your support everyone. We couldn't do this without you!